Plans to make world better place … but first needs to sort its channel, local leaders

A running gag in the the HBO sitcom Silicon Valley points out that every other technology company has making the world a better place as its mission statement.

Add Dell to that list: the leaders of the company's Asia-Pacific limb yesterday used more or less that mantra as to explain the company's next moves.

In a conference call for Asia-Pacific press and analysts, former EMC Asia-Pacific-Japan head David Webster and former Dell growth markets supremo and Asia-Pacific-Japan head Amit Midha explained Dell the company's new aims.

It's basically a pledge to make products that help you build infrastructure to power the usual internet of things spiel.

Dell the company's not about to throw any sabots into the new engines of the internet, or at least not by pulling the rug out from users of its existing products and strongly suggesting they migrate to something new.

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