Open system development approach pays off says IBM with 80% more performance per dollar spent over x86 architecture

IBM s series of new servers drive greater data center efficiency and greater computing efficiency than available on any x86-based server, the company said.

The new servers can be acquired at a lower price, and can deliver 80% more performance per dollar spent, over x86-based systems…the Power LC lineup is price-advantaged over comparatively configured Intel x86-based servers, costing 30% less in some configurations 2 .

Additional models with smaller configurations and lower pricing are available through IBM Business Partner, it said.

Featuring a new chip, the Linux-based lineup incorporates innovations from the OpenPOWER community that deliver higher levels of performance.

Collaboratively developed with some of the world s leading technology companies, the new Power Systems are uniquely designed to propel artificial intelligence, deep learning, high performance data analytics and other compute-heavy workloads, which can help businesses and cloud service providers save money on data center costs.

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