Last week I explained how Excel uses its own, unique system of serial numbers to calculate dates and times.

That piece covered nine Date & Time functions: NETWORKDAYS , DATEVALUE , NOW , DAY , MONTH , YEAR , HOUR , MINUTE , SECOND , plus the basic SUM function for adding and subtracting start dates and end dates.

This week I ll explain how to use seven more Date & Time functions: DATE , DAYS , DAYS360 , TODAY , TIME , TIMEVALUE , and WEEKDAY .

Notice the Formula result in the bottom left corner of this dialog also shown at center right .

In the End Date field box, enter the day, month, and year of the end date inside double quotes; e.g., 5/29/2016 using slashes or dashes.

Or just move your cursor to A7 and type: DAYS A4, A5 .

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