Aurora HDR 2017, an update to Macphun s nearly year-old HDR app, is dedicated to making your photos sizzle with light and color.

Part of that is the influence of photographer Trey Ratcliff, who partnered with the software company to develop the app, including his signature line of presets within the software.

Another part is the realization that photos—particularly landscapes and cityscapes, nature, and other scenic compositions—often fail to measure up to the scene most people remember seeing in real time.

The app also includes enhanced noise reduction, gradient masking tool, an image resize and sharpen on export feature, faster raw conversion, and improved DNG support.

Here s a brief peek at how the software works, based on a pre-release version.

You can apply an HDR effect to a single photo with Aurora, but the real fun is to bring in multiple bracketed images.

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