Today, the same intruders seem to announce themselves on Facebook, via Twitter, and even on their own website covered in bear-themed clip art and gifs.

On Tuesday, a group identifying itself as Russian hackers announced that it had breached the World Anti-Doping Agency and leaked the records of American athletes, including gymnast Simone Biles and tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams.

The actions seemed designed to tie the hack to the Russian group Fancy Bear, one of two teams of hackers with links to Russian intelligence agencies that the Democratic National Committee says it found digging through its files earlier this summer.

The Russians are taking it to the next level, says Dave Aitel, a former NSA analyst and founder of the security firm Immunity.

They ve realized being covert had no advantage….There s no penalty for saying yeah, it s us.'

The hackers called themselves the Fancy Bears international hack team in messages posted to their website but also say they re members of Anonymous and use some phrases and images associated with that loosely organized hacker collective.

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