Green growth is a fairly new concept that has the OECD as the main driver and stakeholder.

in order For the concept to be meaningful, such a growth could reasonably lead to the management of natural resources and the environment are improved in at least the same rate as might be the case in a situation where the economy does not grow at all.

The crucial question is whether continued economic growth, measured as GDP, is an asset or an obstacle in the environmental work has not been given a comprehensive response in the ongoing work on green growth.

No academic scrutiny of the concept are not yet available.

As it is used in the literature, dominated by a number of reports from the OECD, differ green growth in small extent from the concept of environmentally sustainable development.

the Difference compared with the concept of the green economy, with UNEP as the main stakeholder, is also small and consists mainly of a stronger emphasis on the management of environment and natural resources can be reconciled with economic growth from an already high level.

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