As the 2B colors of Apple s iPhone 7 – Black and Jetblack – turn out to be successful, Chinese smartphone makers are rushing to follow suit and launch their newest products in the upcoming days.Apple s founder Steve Jobs deserves to be considered as a titan of the tech industry, because among other achievements, he introduced the iPhone to the world, a product that has had great influence ever since.

In particular, iPhones have been favored by Chinese customers since the iPhone 4 was launched six years ago.Apparently, the Jobs the Great idea has inspired many of his would-be imitators in China.

The bosses of leading Chinese smartphone makers have adopted Jobs taste for dressing, presentation, and even his way of talking.

Among them are the three best imitators: Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi; Jia Yueting, CEO of LeEco; and Luo Yonghao, CEO of Smartisan.Steve Jobs Lei Jun Jia Yueting Luo YonghaoChinese smartphones have also been learning from the iPhone s example, and trying to surpass it.

Almost every time a Chinese smartphone is launched, its specs would be compared to those of a contemporary iPhone.LeEco is going to launch its new smartphone, the Le Pro 3, this coming Wednesday.

Apple s iPhone was used in the company s warm-up ads for its coming launch party—no surprise.LeEco mocks Apple s removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7.

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