Although all eyes are seemingly focused on AMD s upcoming Summit Ridge processors and Vega graphics cards, which are slated to launch in 2017, the company s road map has also openly pointed to a potential 2018 launch window for next-generation Navi graphics chips.

Now, however, leaked information has reportedly surfaced regarding the company s graphics chip road map, revealing that AMD s Navi cards won t actually arrive until sometime in 2019.

The leak also claims there will be three Vega solutions instead of two.

That follows AMD s recent decision to push Vega product releases back from the second half of 2016 to the first half of 2017 for unknown reasons, although there is speculation that AMD wants the graphics cards to roughly launch in the same window as its first Summit Ridge processors for the high-end desktop crowd.

The Vega graphics cards will focus on that market as well.

In 2017, there will be products based on three Vega GPU variants: Vega 10, Vega 11, and Vega 20.

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