Before it started exploding, the Note 7 was being commended for its S Pen stylus that featured 4,096 levels of pressure, making it "most precise S Pen yet".

And while it scrambles to deal with the Note 7s battery issues, the company is seemingly making plans for future S Pens innovations.

A patent filing via PatentlyMobile from March reveals Sammy's stylus design ambitions, essentially showcasing an S Pen that comes with a speaker attached.

Well, we're not entirely sure at this point, and things get even more baffling when you dig deeper.

Samsung's idea is to put a speaker on the top of the 'accessory device' read: S Pen , which would act as the smartphone's speaker when docked in the stylus slot, or 'accommodation space'.

The stylus would include a speaker system, which would carry sound through the S Pen itself and emit it through the top of the stylus.

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