Netflix is still the gold standard in streaming video, but its rivals are catching up to it in an important area: how happy customers are with the service.In a note sent on Monday, analysts at UBS said that based on their survey work, Amazon and Hulu are closing the gap with Netflix in overall consumer satisfaction in the US.

Hulu still lags a bit, but is close to Netflix at 53% of people "very satisfied."

Amazon and Netflix are in a dead heat at 58% and 59% respectively.Here is a chart that shows that shows the "very satisfied" results for the three companies:Competition in Europe is heating up as well, with UBS noting that pay TV operators in the US and Europe have made significant strides in making content available for streaming and improving their user interfaces.

In research published this April, analysts from Parks Associates found that Netflix subscribers were much less likely to cancel than those of Hulu or Amazon Prime Video.

Only 9% of its subscriber base had canceled in the last year, Parks Associates found, compared to Hulu, which saw a full half of its current subscriber base cancel in the last year.But Netflix saw an unexpected uptick in cancellations last quarter.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings blamed the increase on the way the conversation around Netflix s price hike played out in the media.

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