Facebook s video platform is out of the petri dish and approaching parity with YouTube s dominant digital video service.

But the uneven programming cadences don t reveal the winner of a zero-sum game played between Facebook and YouTube.

The programming cadences show that these publishers are treating the two platforms differently; the executives explained why.

But now, while BuzzFeed Video remains the largest of its handful of YouTube channels, BuzzFeed Video is not the largest page on Facebook; Tasty is, said BuzzFeed Motion Pictures Publisher Michelle Kempner, referring to the foodie video property BuzzFeed launched on Facebook last year.

Quick-hit programming, in particular, said Kempner, is something you would never make if you were thinking about YouTube first because the YouTube algorithm is suspected … or everyone knows it s about watch time, so you would never make a short video for YouTube.

But BuzzFeed has started syndicating all of Tasty s videos to YouTube, where they re generating hundreds of thousands of views, but not the millions typical of their Facebook versions.

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