Long dedicated to space, spiders, and robots, MB has finally come back to earth with the Horological Machine 8, a new watch inspired by the silhouette of Can-Am race cars.

This watch is part of the Horological Machine series, a set of handmade watches that look like a cross between something that belongs on a Jules Verne submarine and a piece of expensive chocolate.

This latest piece is far thinner than the previous models and takes its cues from race cars.

It features a case made of precious metals and titanium, a unique movement, and vertical dial configuration that shows the time inside two curved pieces of crystal.

Max Busser, the founder of MB, wrote that he always wanted to be a car designer and that the HM8 is the next best thing.

It wouldn t take much to scale HM8 up to car size, drop a 1,000 horsepower motor under the sapphire crystal hood and put a set of slick racing tyres under the chassis, he wrote.

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