Monitoring your brand is not just about paying attention to the online conversations that would be so simple , but also about actively seeking out instances in which your brand is mentioned.

It involves listening and trying to make sense of what you hear, both on an individual basis and as an aggregate perception.

If Facebook and Twitter are the first examples that come to mind, then you are probably not with it.

Sure, globally Facebook and Twitter still pull in their share, but whenever you re looking at a particular market, results may vary.

For U.S. teens, for instance arguably one of the biggest demographics out there for companies in the U.S. , Snapchat and Instagram have taken the lead, according to a 2016 statistic.

It s fine if you didn t, but only if you never want to set foot in the Chinese markets, because over there it s the biggest thing there is, bigger than Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or Viber.

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