This week the folks at Google have revealed the Google Pixel, and they ve made clear that they ve delivered five points that ll make the public want it.

The first of these is Google Assistant, the Pixel being the first device with Google Assistant built in.

We can t imagine that Google wouldn t release the Google Assistant experience in other Android devices, but this will be the place the public will be able to get it first.

If Google Assistant delivers a concert, the user can then ask to listen to the music that ll be at that concert, Google Assistant will show YouTube – or whichever service the user wants.

This Google Assistant also allows the user to send messages with whatever app they want, and is able to use what was formerly known as Google Now On Tap to get contextual information about information on the user s screen.

Google s Pixel phone has achieved the current best rating on DxOMark, an 89, larger than any smartphone has gotten before.

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