With only a few horror movies slated for October release in theaters, your best bet for spooky thrills is to stay home and stream until you scream.

And if you have more than one streaming service, that just means more time to chill... or be killed.

The Fury 1978 After Carrie, Brian De Palma made this tense thriller about a pair of young psychics whose powers are being exploited by an evil CIA agent John Cassavetes .

Kirk Douglas plays the father of one of the psychics, whose abilities have been manipulated beyond his control, which is where the film s title comes in.

Hellraiser 1987 Clive Barker adapted his own work for his directorial debut, an awesomely depraved tale of obsession, human sacrifice, skin-flaying, S, and this sharp-dressed fellow:

Jaws: The Revenge 1987 This time, it s personal, the tag line announces, and indeed the revenge in the title refers to a shark which seeks personal revenge against the Brody family, including Chief Brody s widow, by following them to the Bahamas.

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