Art filter photo app Prisma is adding a big new feature to its iOS app in an update landing today: support for videos.

Prisma says it s planning to add offline photo processing to the Android app first, in a week or so , after which co-founder Aram Airapetyan says they ll jump on a video development .

Processing time for Prisma video on iOS is around two mins for the iPhone 6; 55-60 secs for iPhone 6s; and half a minute for iPhone 7, according to Airapetyan, although in my experience videos seemed to finish process a little quicker than that on average.

Next up on Prisma s iOS to-do list is adding a GIF creator — with looped video touted as coming very soon , aka later this month.

It s fighting talk, but Prisma is clearly now having to play catch up with the competition, thanks to its early viral success.

More polished looking results are possible with Magic Video — although personally I prefer the simpler Prisma interface vs all the toggles and layers available in Magic Video but if you prefer a greater choice of editing options and tools you ll likely disagree .

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