the Trend towards so-called autonomous cars, cars that can drive itself, is in full swing.

the New Mercedes E-Class Kombi contains many new technical solutions which do not completely take over the control, but instead facilitates the step that many car drivers think sometimes is tiresome or troublesome.

a few years Ago, there are smart solutions that t.ex.

adaptive cruise control, which helps to maintain the distance to the vehicle in front of traffic both on the highway and in traffic jams, assistansfunktioner that helps to keep the car on the road and in the right file and autobroms that helps to slow down when you, as the driver does not have your full attention.

With the help of the features I listed tidigarekan man, up to 60 seconds at a time, drop the steering wheel and let the car manage the farthållningen and governance.

you must touch the wheel every 60 seconds is a important safety measure to prevent accidents as you fall asleep or suffer an acute illness.

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