Test With the help of NHL.tv or the NHL Gamecenter as it is also called, can you see live NHL games without tying up an expensive subscription.

the NHL is a bit special compared to most other leagues.

As a result of Viasat owns the rights for the Swedish market has the NHL chosen to block access to league's extensive streaming service NHL.tv.

For the sports fan is Viaplay a fairly affordable service despite the fact that earlier in the year raised the charge quite significantly from the 279 per month to 399 per month .

If you're mostly interested in the NHL and don't care about, for example, Premier League and Serie A, it may in other words be a bit expensive – especially in comparison with the NHL.tv that goes on approximately 1 400 sek per season.

And even better: are you most interested to follow a single law, it is possible to buy the subscription just for the team.

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