BMW s Mini division has confirmed a longstanding rumor by announcing it s in the final stages of developing a plug-in hybrid version of the upcoming second-generation Countryman.

The gasoline-electric crossover will be the company s first series-produced plug-in hybrid model.

Mini is intentionally keeping technical details under wraps until the new Countryman is shown to the public.

However, the company promises the crossover will boast at least three driving modes named auto e-drive, max e-drive, and save battery, respectively.

The Countryman will be capable of driving without using a drop of gasoline at speeds of up to 77 mph when max e-drive is engaged.

An earlier report finds the plug-in drivetrain will be made up of Mini s 1.5-liter, turbocharged three-cylinder engine and a compact electric motor programmed to generate 88 horsepower.

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