While iOS 10 came with a range of new features that make it a worthy upgrade from iOS 9, it seems Apple has been testing out some features that have yet to make it to a final build.

A developer has found a hidden one-handed keyboard in the iOS code base, which shifts character keys to the left or right based on the user swiping in either direction.

The keyboard was discovered by developer and Twitter user Steve Troughton-Smith, who says it seems to have been lurking in the code "since at least iOS 8".

It seems Apple has been toying with the keyboard, which also expands copy and paste buttons, for some time, then.

Unfortunately, the hidden feature looks to be unfinished, and remains inaccessible to regular users for the time being.

If activated, the feature would allow users to swipe left or right from the edge of their phone to shift keys to either side, reduce the width of the keys themselves, and bring up dedicated cut, copy, and paste buttons.

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