It might be reading too much into things to note, right off the bat, that Google s new SoHo pop-up shop is a mere block or two from Apple s own Prince st. location.

After all, that five block radius has hosted brand stores ranging from Samsung to LittleBits.

Beats had a flagship shop down there before, as well, being swallowed up by Apple.

There s even, weirdly enough, a Cap N Crunch themed pop-up just around the corner on Broadway.

It s a heavily trafficked, upscale shopping area between the copious perpetual Manhattan construction – an ideal spot to pop in and play around with shiny new smartphone or VR headset between brunch and a trip to Dean and Deluca.

The temporary location is hard to miss with the big Google flag flying outside and the large security guy standing at the door, clicking a hand tally counter as people walk through the door, so the drive for some time with the new Pixel doesn t push things over capacity.

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