To learn more and subscribe, please click here.India is gearing up to become a massive player in the global app market.However, a combination of inexpensive handsets, data-heavy apps, and a lack of relevant app content could be inhibiting future growth in the market, according to a study conducted by Google and TNS.

This indicates that app makers will need to find ways to reengage smartphone users or they risk getting lost in the upcoming app download deluge.Here are the key takeaways from the report:India's app users are highly engaged.

While that seems low, compared with other, more mature, Asian smartphone markets, it's substantial.

Sixty-one percent of users in India said they would come back to an old app if it increased relevancy, became more popular among family and friends, or gained new features, Google notes.

Reengagement tactics like push notifications and frequent updates to add new features will help encourage users to revisit dormant apps.

While Indian smartphone users are downloading five apps each day on average, they're also deleting/uninstalling three apps to make space on their devices.

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