Doctor Strange stars Benedict Cumberbatch and despite being focused on a new character, as part of the shared Cinematic Universe, the film is surely a pre-baked hit.

And this means it is brilliant excuse to talk about the earlier work of one of the film s stars, Benedict Wong, who plays Cumberbatch s sidekick named, umm, Wong.

Wong the actor has had a good few years in Hollywood - with this major role following earlier parts in The Martian and Netflix s mega-budget Marco Polo, amongst many others.

You might also recognise him as a mysterious practitioner of Street Countdown from Channel 4 s IT Crowd.

But you have to go back to 2002 to see what is perhaps Wong s most cruelly overlooked performance to date in 15 Storeys High.

A bleak sitcom with a muted palette, set in a small flat in Kennington, 15SH was co-written by and starring Sean Lock, who today is better known as one of the regulars on 8 out of 10 Cats.

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