There is an ongoing legal dispute taking place between St. Jude Medical Inc. and several companies and individuals over specific cardiac implants that are monitored by the Patient Care Network PCN .

The latest chapter in the ongoing battle appeared on Monday in a legal brief stating that cyber security experts hired by one of the defendants, Muddy Waters, have validated vulnerabilities in St. Jude s monitoring service.

The provided [email protected] transmitter sits by the bedside and monitors the patient s implant while they sleep, sending the information over a telephone, cellular, or broadband connection.

However, hackers can reportedly gain access to these [email protected] devices and potentially kill the connected patient.

St. Jude Medical says that is not possible, and filed a lawsuit against Muddy Waters, cyber research firm MedSec Holdings, Dr. Hemal M. Nayak, and Carson C. Block on September 7.

In addition to disputing St. Jude Medical s stock-related claim, the brief includes an attached 53-page report provided by cyber security firm Bishop Fox detailing how hackers can gain access to [email protected] monitoring devices and kill patients by sending shocks or turning off specific functions.

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