Novelty Focusrite has launched a rack unit that can serve as an expansion to a sound card or as a standalone unit to a mixer or ADAT.

Clarett Octopre is a åttakanals mic preamps with 118 dB dynamic range, low brusvärden and AD/DA conversion 24-bit and 192 kHz resolution.

The specially designed the microphone preamps in the Clarett series has an optional so-called air function, which allows the same properties as an ISA-transformatorbaserad mic preamps.

Clarett Octopres the front also has two Hi-Z instrument inputs and a insertpunkt for each channel and eight analog line outputs direct out from the microphone preamps or from the ADAT inputs.

On the front, you will find the led meters give you visual control over levels.

Focusrite Clarett Octopre is intended to expand the number of channels in your studio, and works with any ADAT-compatible sound card.

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