Microsoft is warning of fake copies of its Security Essentials that if executed will throw a fake blue screen of death, pwn machines, and lead users to technical support scams.

Redmond regards the threat dubbed Hicurdismos as a severe threat which compromises PCs typically through bundled software installers and drive-by-downloads.

Microsoft's anti-malware and security men Francis Tan Seng and Alden Pornasdoro warn customers Hicurdismos will throw a full screen blue screen of death, disabling the ctrl alt delete task manager to prevent the user bypassing it, and hiding the mouse cursor to make it appear more legitimate.

Hicurdismos misleads users and lures them into "calling a number that can lead to a fake technical support scam," the pair say.

"The threat of technical support scams has been around for years, but it s recently been observed to be growing.

"We ve seen attackers becoming more sophisticated with their social engineering tactics to try to mislead users into calling for technical support and then they are asked for payment to 'fix the problem' on the PC that does not exist."

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