However, over a period of last decade or so, I have followed the dynamics of teamwork very closely, in fact with rather higher curiosity.I tried to follow patterns in behaviour, codify the dynamism of team-skills and attempted to make sense of the conflicting views and outcomes thereafter.

Time spent as a student at the law and management schools and several years of working in reputed Indian as well as multi-national organisations thereafter helped me gain some very interesting insights and perspectives on what makes a team work together.While there is no dearth of literature available on this subject, one would agree that achieving near-perfect teamwork is a far cry from reality, especially in the chaotic and ever-challenging corporate arena.

The jury is still out on what actually makes a team click together, work together and subsequently achieve a common goal, each and every time.Interestingly, I also observed that many times, even great results or goal-achievement could not conclusively state that the teams involved did work together as a cohesive unit or as a whole!In my view, there are some under-mentionedvery yet crucial factors that make a team work :Willingness and passionClarity of purpose of the team.

What is the goal and what is it worth?

All of the three questions should be answered in order to get individuals together as a team.An individual s own willingness to be part of a particular team.

Lack of it in even one of the teammates could be a real killer for team.

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