the rear speakers are recharged by the dock at the ends of the ljudlimpan when not in use.

A novelty with the B5 is also a simple automatic högtalarkalibrering measuring the distance to the rear speakers and set the correct delay thereafter.

None of the other systems went just as fast to connect as the Fidelio B5, despite the fact that it does not have any app.

Everything is done from the remote control and the display on the front.

Even the music in surround sounds great and open, and even if you're not here, the dynamics, control and resolution, from a full home theater system so this is a very good system for all but the most discerning.

the Music in the stereo works so that you get the usual two-channel audio when the wireless speakers are docked, and multi-channel stereo party mode when they are taken off and placed elsewhere in the room.

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