Four years ago electronics retailer Dixons Carphone took core systems that were based on 20-plus-year-old DEC Alpha hardware and replaced them with twenty-first century systems focused right on the customer.

"So it was not much good having a technology which looked old-fashioned to them."

As a research tool, the company mapped what it calls "the customer journey" and as a result in its head office it has "what looks like a lot of Tube maps where we have mapped our customers' journeys," said Post.

Post's team looked at all those interaction and measured the results against the competition in the industry, and against other people they thought were good at customer service.

The company has deployed to its stores what it calls a "Guided Sales Tour".

As a result of the data -- three million customer journeys have been analysed, including how long everybody spends on every single part of that journey -- important things like customer satisfaction can be mapped statistically.

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