Both utilize the same Core M 6y30 processor found in the Xiaomi Air 12 but differ in other areas.However, both of those devices cost well over $1000 which is priced right out of the burgeoning market for affordable ultrabooks.Enter the ASUS UX305.

However, reseller prices rise up to around $580-600USD, making this much less of a deal.

However, the Xiaomi Air 12 will go on sale during the November 11th event in China, bringing the price down much, much closer to the MSRP price in China.Xiaomi swung for the fences and almost hit a home run, hampered a little by a couple of things.

Is this laptop worth your money?

I prefer spartan, industrial, and sleek designs in my laptops, but the Xiaomi Air 12 seems to follow that mantra a little too much.

The lack of the logo really draws the wrong kind of attention to the laptop, making people take notice of this logoless device.It really does resemble factory OEM laptops that are shown off at trade shows, ready for any brand to purchase a huge number of them and slap their own logo on said device.It s incredibly portable, measuring about 12mm longer than the 12 MacBook and a tad weightier because of the slightly larger screen.

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