Switchzilla has expanded its range of SME edge boxes, adding the all-in-one ISR 4221 to its flagship range of branch networking systems.

Offering throughput between 35 Mbps and 75 Mbps on two WAN ports, the box pushes software-defined WAN SD WAN into the branch office, with an APIC Enterprise Module APIC-EM controller, IWAN application support, and integration into Cisco's Digital Network Architecture DNA .

Security features in the switch include a zone-based firewall, Firepower threat defence, and IPSec VPN support Cisco's announcement reckons NAT – network address translation – also counts as a security feature, but most network pros would say only barely .

The ISR 4221 has its own Linux container platform, LXC Linux virtual container , so signed network services like the Snort intrusion prevention service can be spun up in virtual machines.

3G and 4G ports offer backup connectivity, and also position the switch as suitable for ATM connections, kiosks, and Internet of Things applications likes industrial deployments that lack dedicated MPLS transport .

The device's data sheet is here should you wish to know more about the box's innards and capabilities.

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