Rudolph Giuliani, a possessed sack of human flesh and crooked teeth, wants to take up the cyber reins in President-elect Donald Trump s administration.

I d love to become the person that comes up with a solution to cybersecurity, America s most influential gremlin said this morning on Fox News.

Giuliani probably thinks he s the right guy to fix this problem because he and his friend started a cybersecurity company in 2005.

The interview makes it seem like Giuliani is more a savvy business person who cashed in on the emerging issue of cybersecurity, rather than someone who has deep knowledge of the issues.

Cybersecurity, and especially cybersecurity policy, requires patience, hiring smart people, a deep and thorough understanding of the issues, and a commitment to privacy and security.

In any cybersecurity discussions, policymakers must include technologists as well as the people whose safety and security are most directly affected, Drew Mitnick, policy counsel at Access, told Gizmodo.

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