The modern game industry is frequently compared to the rags-to-riches era of the Gold Rush.

And Adam Boyes, the CEO of Iron Galaxy Studios and former developer relations chief at Sony s PlayStation business, made that comparison again yesterday at the Montreal International Game Summit.In a keynote speech at MIGS 2016, Boyes went further than usual with the comparison, pointing out the series of mini gold rushes that came on a regular cadence during the history of the American and Canadian pioneer days.Boyes traced the history of his own ancestors, including one named John Walters, as they migrated westward.

He said that journey seemed crazy and fruitless at times, with maybe 200 people getting rich during gold rushes that attracted 40,000 people.

That compares well to the modern game industry as entrepreneurs hop from one platform to the next, from console to Facebook to mobile to PC to virtual reality.

We have a more immersive high-fidelity system that you can keep in the house.

He pointed out that game acquisitions are happening with unheard of valuations.

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