BLU Products is a US-based smartphone maker known for selling low to mid range unlocked smartphones at dirt cheap prices.

But what buyers, and even BLU itself, didn t know is that the low price may have come at the cost of privacy.

Security firm Kryptowire has just revealed that a small piece of code hidden deep inside some of BLU s smartphones was actually private user data, not to some US company, but to an undisclosed OEM in China.

People familiar with concerns over the Chinese spying activities may have just felt a chill down their spines, but it might be a bit too early to jump to conclusions just yet.

And if the AdUps Technologies, the Shanghai-based company behind that piece of software, is to be believed, it was just a case of a private company that made a mistake .

Adups doesn t deny that it does have code that has a backdoor to user data.

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