Hummus may be the most popular bean-based dip around, but almost any legume can be made into a dippable, delicious spread, and Bon Appetit has an easy formula for making your own.

Click the link below for some great flavor combo suggestions, but to transform any ol can of beans into a creamy dip, you ll need one of each of the following:

A 15-ounce Can of Beans: Black, white, butter, and garbanzo beans are all good options.

A Tablespoon of Something Creamy: Bon Appetit recommends tahini, nut butter, and Greek yogurt, but I m a big fan of sour cream and labneh as well.

A Pinch of Something Flavorful: Try ginger, garlic, chilies, herbs, or toasted spices.

Some Acid: The juice and zest of half a lemon or lime should get you there, but you could also try a teaspoon or two of your favorite vinegar.

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