Småland Carvia has launched a new, electric vehicles will be manufactured in Västervik.

Carvia AB was started four years ago, with the aim to develop a completely new electric vehicles for the production in Sweden.

But the development work has been conducted in close cooperation with specialists in Sweden as well as Germany and China, so there is far more involved in the finished product, " says Carvias ceo Mattias Johansson.

Now, it has launched arbetsfordonet PRO4, a helelektrisk light truck with a top speed of 80 kilometres per hour and up to 40 mils range.

For example, the chassis is completely proprietary, which means that we were able to make it stronger and with a longer service life than existing counterparts.

This, in turn, enables more applications: this is not a big truck, but not a small electrical contractors.

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