Google today announced that it has come out with a new Mac screen saver that displays certain photos that people share publicly on Google .

Previously these kinds of photos have been available as a backdrop on the Chromecast and other devices, but now they re available for use on Apple s desktop operating system.Recently Google released the Wallpapers app for Android that made its debut exclusively on the Google Pixel smartphone.

Today Google said it has also added these photos into that Wallpapers app, in addition to the Mac screen saver.

With our new Featured Photos screensaver for Mac, you can display stunning, high-resolution photography from our Google members whenever your computer is inactive, Google product manager Neil Inala wrote in a Google post.To install the screen saver for Mac, download it, double click the .saver file in Finder, select Google Featured in the Desktop & Screen Saver section of System Preferences, and then allow the app to download automatic updates.The screen saver shows a different image each time that it appears.

If you have additional displays attached to your Mac, each display will show a different image.This isn t anywhere near the first time that Google has come out with tools for Apple s products.

On iOS Google offers many apps, including the Gboard virtual keyboard.

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