Charge, an Oxford-based electric vehicle company in the UK, is testing its prototypes in the most time-honored way: at the races.

Since the dawn of the automotive age, inventors and manufacturers have taken their cars to the track to test their capabilities.

These trucks aren t racing, though; they re the official support vehicles for the Formula E all-electric racing series.

Formula E provides a particular advantage for Charge: the series uses urban street courses rather than tracks, the exact environment where Charge vehicles will be operating when they re ready for the market.

Charge plans to build small delivery vehicles and larger, full-sized trucks to fit a variety of fleet needs.

The description of the vehicles seems to hint at a plug-in hybrid powertrain, since the trucks will all be zero-emissions for the first 100 miles, but a dual mode will allow for a range of up to 500 miles via a motor that recharges the batteries.

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