This weekend, San Francisco's Municipal Railway was savaged by hackers demanding over $70,000 in bitcoins, leaving the metro system unable to collect fares.

But the hack may be much more devastating for the transit agency, according to a list of servers allegedly compromised by the hackers and obtained by Gizmodo.

The list contains the names of 2,212 servers supposedly compromised by the hackers.

If true, it could add more validity to the hackers demands for money so that they won t dump thirty gigabytes of Muni s internal data.

The list contains servers with cryptic names like BBYH382 but also includes servers like PAYROLLHPDC7600, MUNIMAIL1, MUNIMAIL2, as well as QUICKBOOKS, which likely refers to the popular accounting software.

On Saturday, compromised machines within San Francisco's Muni stations displayed this message You Hacked.

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