The Game Awards returned for another annual iteration on Thursday, and like in years past, the online-streamed ceremony was probably more interesting because of game trailer debuts than any of its awards—with the exception of the very first award given.

Last year's broadcast was notable thanks to a weird no-show: Metal Gear Solid series creator Hideo Kojima, who wasn't allowed to attend thanks to contract issues with his former employers at Konami.

"What happened to Hideo Kojima last year was a tragedy," a visibly shaken host Geoff Keighley told the crowd—referring specifically to Konami's choice to "lock him in a room" thanks to those squabbles—before handing him the show's Industry Icon award.

Death Stranding December 2016 trailer

"Last year, I thought I lost everything," Kojima told the crowd in accepting the award.

The five-minute clip begins with an apparent 3D-rendered version of filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro walking into a creepy cavern, over which a tentacle-covered tank rolls while black ooze seeps below.

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