A pressure group that speaks on behalf of the UK's fishing industry has said that portion sizes in our fish and chip shops should be regulated and standardised, to make fish and chips more of an acceptable and predictably sized lunch time snack.

That comes from Seafish's Tom Pickerell, who said: "By offering a greater selection of sizes, shops can potentially open themselves up to increased business from lunch time trade and by upselling to single smaller portions, rather than a larger shared portion."

It might also make nutritional information easier to understand and digest for consumers, and also limit waste, leading to fewer polystyrene boxes littering up the nation.

That's backed up by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board, which said that 45 per cent of people would actually like smaller portions when it comes to ordering our national dish.

Which is odd, as surely most people judge fish and chip shops by the size of the chip mountain you leave with?

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