Instead, over the past decade or so with the advent of social media, our minds seem to have evolved to adapt to the information flood from the synergy between news media and social media.During this time many news media companies transitioned from print to online while keeping their ad revenue-heavy business model.

Some of these news media companies discovered a game-changing formula with social media — more sharing translates to more ad impressions/clicks and more revenue.

And as social media became more mainstream when your grandma joined Facebook and your mom got on Snapchat , news media companies became increasingly dependent on it.

But what happens next in this quasi-evolutionary relationship between our attention span and the news media?

Although it applies to the social media age of the past ten years or so, it s hardly a new concept.

In 1969, Nobel Laureate Herbert A. Simon wrote:In his paper, Simon referred to a flood of information from those colossal computers of bygone era, but nonetheless, his theory can also be applied to the recent flood of information from social media and news media.

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