The Mirai botnet has spread like wildfire and now infects 2,398 home routers across the UK, with 99 percent of them being Talk Talk routers.

According to research by cyber security firm Imperva, the Mirai botnet was used to launch distributed denial of service DDoS attacks, and has been responsible for taking down major services such as Amazon, Twitter, GitHub, Spotify and Reddit, as well as knocking out broadband services from Talk Talk and The Post Office offline.

The botnet was also used to launch a DDoS attack against Deutsche Telekom routers which saw the over 900,000 of its customers affected, however it is not known if this attack was caused by the same Mirai bot nets as the other ones.

The spread of Mirai appears to be down to the leaking of its source code on HackForum which placed it in the hands of hackers versed in using botnets to launch DDoS and other cyber attacks.

With the source code released the Mirai malware has evolved from its original guise, which makes it harder for security and technology companies to patch and protect against.

Routers infected with Mirai enable hackers to exploit the TR-064 protocol widely used by many internet service providers ISPs to remotely manage network routers.

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