However, after hearing the observations of my fellow marketers, I reflected on some of the go-to strategies and tactics in my current B2B marketing playbook.

In the media and publishing world, editors and publishers meet regularly to debate the biggest and most important topics to cover, to discuss what these topics mean, and to develop a clear take or point of view on subjects to present to their audience.

This POV immersion and alignment helps your brand stand out and boosts relevance in the increasingly noisy, crowded markets we serve.

While everybody in the ABM world is talking about accounts, our POV emphasizes the need to focus more specifically on the people — professional buyers — representing the target accounts who ll actually sign the check.

This take delivers a unique perspective that amplifies and drives home our core value proposition and one our customers gravitate to as a best practice.

This builds interest and interaction and enables the audience to follow the story, see it unfold, and in some cases, participate in it.

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