Whether it's family, friends, or flatmates, those who share a screen also tend to share streaming accounts.

However, in the case of services like Hulu, imagine how the "recommended for you" section looks when you like cartoons and sitcoms, but your sibling or roomie is a hardcore fan of horror films and crime dramas.

To help make the platform's personalized features more ... personal, Hulu is adding a new feature familiar to anyone used to competitor Netflix's interface: individual profiles.

Starting today, Hulu is rolling out the ability to make up to six different viewer profiles on a single account, each allowing a person to build up their own to-watch list, viewing history, and set of recommendations.

The feature can also create child-friendly accounts, which ensure the youngster attached to the account doesn't wander off into mature content.

Hulu is still in the process of rolling out its new profiles to the long list of devices that support the service.

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