Postmates will be getting a new executive tasked with boosting the on-demand delivery service s product design.

Previously, he was the cofounder and chief executive of news startup Circa prior to its purchase by Sinclair Broadcasting and also location-based offering SimpleGeo.Galligan announced the move on Facebook and said his first day will be in January.The role at Postmates seems to be a good fit for him, especially since he has a keen interest around product.

In July, he revealed plans to launch a new consultancy around product design and strategy.

Product is my absolute passion, ideas are my oxygen, and seeing something through the whole process gives me an immense amount of energy.

It would be great if I could fill most of my week with continuing that passion, especially if it s not with my own ideas, Galligan wrote.Whether that consultancy took off or not remains unclear, but something happened in-between that caused him to find something appealing about Postmates.

Largely because it fits in with his focus around mobile apps, consumer plays, market disruption , messaging and conversational user interface, and enterprise tools.

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