Two spacecraft drifted closer to one another far above planet Earth, as they prepared to dock.

USA Cap Com-Huston: Go ahead.

The plot concerned a NASA mission in which a US spacecraft ran into problem.

The three crew members on board were saved by a Soviet mission also in orbit.

It is planned that the first experimental flight to test these systems be conducted during 1975, envisaging the docking of a United States Apollo-type spacecraft and a Soviet Soyuz-type spacecraft with visits of astronauts in each other s spacecraft.

The implementation of these projects will be carried out on the basis of principles and procedures which will be developed in accordance with the summary of results of the meeting between representatives of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the USSR Academy of Sciences on the question of developing compatible systems for rendezvous and docking of manned spacecraft and space stations of the USA and the USSR dated April 6, 1972.

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