On November 30, public cloud infrastructure provider Amazon Web Services AWS introduced Amazon Lightsail, a service that gives you quick access to a virtual private server VPS .At first glance, the product launch appeared to be an attack on smaller companies that offer low-cost VPS, such as Bluehost, DigitalOcean and Linode.But if you take the service for a spin, it becomes clear that Lightsail is a rethinking of AWS setup process and basic tools.

When you go there, AWS shows you a user interface that s very different from the norm.

There are bright orange buttons, a Quick Assist drawer on the right that explains what you re looking at, and sometimes even blue boxes that pop up and show you what to click on next.

The presentation looks like something a startup would show a new user.The page with steps for setting up a Lightsail box brings together a bunch of tools that are otherwise spread out when you re working with the AWS EC2 computing service.You can either choose a base operating system Amazon Linux or Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or an image on top of an OS.

Here, you have a lot fewer options to choose from.

It s not as intimidating.Lightsail presents you with a link to open up a text box where you can enter a shell script for your instance, but if you keep scrolling and skip it, you ll be fine.

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