the Uk will most likely leave the EU, but also the fact that the united states has elected a president who so far has raised more questions than provided answers, has caused significant uncertainty among companies and researchers active in the life science area.

– Whether companies should have the courage to risk billions to develop a new drug, they need to know that the products that reach the market will also be sold.

There is now a significant uncertainty and it could stifle development, says Jonas Ekstrand, ceo of the life science industry's common organization of the Sweden Bio.

– the Uncertainty of what will happen is our main concern, and it is a reality we will be forced to live in for a long time.

– the Authority is located in London and need to move about the Uk exit from the EU becomes a reality.

It is difficult, but just as serious is that a large part of EMA's investigative work carried out by the british agency.

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