the International monetary fund director, Christine Lagarde, was on Monday hearing.

the Right to examine, commit, did Lagarde crime while acting as finance minister, when he contributed to the fact that the businessman Bernard Tapie received from the French government more than 400 million in damages.

Lagarde announced on Monday a parisian court, that the allegations of his negligence, are nothing more than the imaginary plot , told Bloomberg.

Lagarde told the Cour de Justice de la Republiquelle he was appalled by the shortcuts and estimates in 2015 indictment, which is some people, whom he has never met, write by a fictitious plot.

Lagarde said that none of his former colleagues did not recognize him in the prosecution of the listed things.

I Want to finally prove that I'm not in any way guilty of any negligence , Lagarde said in answering court questions.

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